Gosse Nature Walks

Gosse Nature Walks connect the community with Birmingham's natural treasures.

Gosse Nature Walks connect the community with Birmingham’s natural treasures.

Join Dr. Ansel Payne, Birmingham Audubon Outreach Director, for free walks exploring natural sites around Birmingham. Named for Philip Henry Gosse’s early exploration of Alabama flora and fauna, Gosse Nature Walks last approximately two hours and cover a variety of natural history topics, from birds to plants to geological features. These walks are open to all ages and experience levels; just remember to wear appropriate clothing and walking shoes, and to bring essential outdoor provisions like sunscreen, insect repellent, and water. We’ll have a small number of binoculars and field guides on hand!

For more information on Gosse Nature Walks, visit our events page, or follow @BhamAudubon on Twitter.

Previous walks:

GNW #005: Watercress Darter National Wildlife Refuge. 10 March 2017

GNW #004: Crestwood Park. 10 February 2017

GNW #003: Vulcan Park. 07 November 2016

GNW #002: Ruffner Mountain. 15 October 2016

GNW #001: Avondale Park. 09 September 2016