2016 Annual Fund: The Stories of our Donors

Many stories emerged this year as volunteers organized Birmingham Audubon’s archives, uncovering letters, photographs, and newsletters illustrating more than seventy years of work on behalf of  birds, conservation, and the natural world. Some photos may have yellowed with age, but the beautiful Alabama landscapes and smiling faces they capture haven’t diminished one bit.  All of them fit nicely beside the newest entries to the archives: stories about Junior Board members, our Citizen Science Corps, the Urban Bird Habitat Initiative, and more.

The stories of members and donors range from lifelong or late-life interests in birds, to volunteering for education, to acting on personal convictions for establishing bird-friendly habitats. We asked several members to share their stories as we make our annual request for your support. Together, we ask for your contribution to the programs and work of Birmingham Audubon, a staffed 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and invite you to share your story.

Birmingham Audubon Board of Directors

2016 Annual Fund

bob-ann-tateBob Tate, Advisory Board Member 

“Ann and I have been members of Birmingham Audubon since the 1970s and have enjoyed our work in the organization and association with members who became friends over time. In the last couple of years, Audubon has grown exponentially.  We hope you will contribute to Birmingham Audubon and keep it going strong.”

melanie-seiboldMelanie Siebold, Secretary, Birmingham Audubon Board &  President, Birmingham Audubon Junior Board

“I grew up in Birmingham, but only became involved with Birmingham Audubon last year. I have learned the history and witnessed the tremendous work this organization does each day. They say the best way to learn is to jump in, and I did just that. Whether a long-time conservationist and birder or a novice like me, there is a place for you at Birmingham Audubon.  This year I am giving to the Annual Fund because I want to do my part for an organization which has done so much for the city and state I love.”

joe-wattsJoe Watts, President, Birmingham Audubon Board

“I’m proud to give to Birmingham Audubon because the money I give means better protection for birds, more adventures for bird-watchers and stronger education outreach to make younger generations passionate about Alabama’s habitat. Audubon offers everyone, from novice to expert, the opportunity to be part of an organization making an impact on Alabama’s wildlife, wild places and those habitats that provide so many urban birds places to live.”

2016 Annual Fund