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Fallan Batchelor, City of Orange Beach Coastal Stewardship Coordinator

The Birmingham Audubon Coastal Program is proud to partner with the City of Orange Beach Coastal Resources Division. The Coastal Resources Division is committed to conservation and interpretation of species and habitat for residents and tourists. Through this partnership, a Coastal Stewardship Coordinator position for the City of Orange Beach was created. The primary role of this position will be to assist with monitoring and management of beaches and other important habitats for priority birds and associated wildlife that are within the jurisdiction of the Coastal Resources Division of the City of Orange Beach, including Audubon Coastal Bird Survey routes and posted nesting sites.

We are excited to welcome Fallan Batchelor, the new Coastal Stewardship Coordinator for Orange Beach! Fallan studied Biology and Oceanography at Faulkner State and the University of West Florida. She is a sixteen-year resident of Baldwin County and loves the Gulf Coast and all its natural beauty. Fallan has six years of experience with the State of Alabama’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources performing a variety of administrative duties and field work. She also owns and operates a local business in addition to her duties with the city. Fallan is passionate about the environment and enjoys educating the public about conservation of our natural resources. She is a dog-lover and enjoys fishing, hunting, and paddle-boarding. For more information about the conservation efforts of the City of Orange Beach, email Fallan at