Gosse Nature Walks

Gosse Nature Walks connect the community with Birmingham's natural treasures.

Gosse Nature Walks connect the community with Birmingham’s natural treasures.

Join Birmingham Audubon’s Outreach & Communications Director for free walks exploring natural sites around Birmingham.* Named for Philip Henry Gosse’s early exploration of Alabama flora and fauna, Gosse Nature Walks last approximately one to two hours and cover a variety of natural history topics, from birds to plants to geological features. These walks are open to all ages and experience levels; just remember to wear appropriate clothing and walking shoes, and to bring essential outdoor provisions like sunscreen, insect repellent, and water. We’ll have a small number of binoculars and field guides on hand!

For more information on upcoming Gosse Nature Walks, visit our events page. *Coming soon to Tuscaloosa!

Another way you can enjoy Gosse’s work is through our upcoming traveling exhibit: Philip Henry Gosse: A Naturalist’s Sojourn in Alabama.

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