Short-billed Dowitchers. Photo: John Borom.

Are birds and the natural world an important part of your life?

If so, we invite you to join a community that enjoys, values, and protects Alabama’s birds and their habitats.

Founded in 1946, Birmingham Audubon is Alabama’s leading non-profit organization engaging people in the enjoyment and conservation of birds, their habitats, and the natural world. With your support, we provide opportunities for people to explore recreational birding, extend their horizons through educational programming, and engage in conservation actions like planting trees, counting birds, or working with local, state, and national policy makers.

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Support Birmingham Audubon today!

First, become a member.

Become a Birmingham Audubon member: when you do, you’ll receive a digital copy of Flicker Flashes, our quarterly guide to Birmingham Audubon programs, as well as an optional paper copy delivered to your door at no extra cost. You’ll also receive discounts on our programs and classes, and be among the first to hear about upcoming field trips and membership programs.

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Then consider making an additional donation…

Birmingham Audubon works tirelessly to restore habitat, conserve Alabama’s natural heritage, and inspire appreciation for our shared natural world—but we can’t do it without your help. Your generous donations above and beyond membership dues are an important source of funding, and a key factor that helps Birmingham Audubon continue to make the world a better place for birds and for people.

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…and becoming a volunteer.

Whether it’s restoring habitat or leading a bird walk, there are numerous opportunities to get more involved with Birmingham Audubon. Consider donating your time and expertise on behalf of birds—you’ll meet amazing people, make a difference for the environment, and maybe even add some species to your life list.

Your membership dues and donations support:

  • Local and statewide conservation projects
  • Ongoing research to better understand Alabama bird populations
  • Free monthly programs on southeastern natural history
  • Free local and regional field trips led by the area’s best birders
  • Birmingham Audubon’s Winter Banquet
  • Birmingham Audubon Mountain Workshop
  • Graduate student research grants
  • Classroom grants for teachers
  • Adult education programs
  • Our collaborative work with Alabama Birding Trails

Join, give, and help make a difference for Alabama birds!