President’s Message for 2015

President’s Message


Exploring with LuLu.

It has been an outstanding couple of years during my time as president-elect, and as I begin my term as president of Birmingham Audubon, I am looking forward to the next two years to be as equally rewarding. If you haven’t seen the Birmingham Audubon 2015 Annual Report put together by Executive Director, Suzanne Langley, I encourage you to take a look. You’ll be as proud as I am to be a part of such a fantastic team.

We have accomplished a great deal in 2014-15, and through the hiring of staff, the development of new projects and programs, and in moving into new offices in Avondale, it is evident that Birmingham Audubon is going through a few changes. And as the organization grows, change is inevitable, but our focus and our mission remains the same — to promote conservation and a greater knowledge of birds, their habitat, and the natural world.

Whether friend, volunteer, community partner, board, or staff, we all, as members of Birmingham Audubon, have the common interests and goals, the drive and energy, and the intention and aim to push the mission forward. We will work together as a team and strive for a seamless transition from an all-volunteer board to a professionally staffed organization, utilizing staff, board, and volunteers to further its goals.

We will look to our past, listen to the voices, and glean from the wisdom of those who came before and entrusted us with a rich legacy. We will hold ourselves accountable to uphold the responsibility to reach out to others, form partnerships, and grow the interest and goals of the organization in the present. And in gaining fresh perspectives and renewed energy, we will work as a team to build a strong and sustainable future.

Through a three-pronged approach — explore, learn, and conserve — we will contribute to the success of the organization and seamlessly meld the past, present, and future of Birmingham Audubon:

Explore — We have many activities for all ages and levels of knowledge — Audubon Adventures, weekend field trips, workshops, workdays, Chimney Swift Night Out events, and Birds and Brews. We offer a variety of activities and opportunities for participants to explore the surroundings, socialize with others, and learn about birds, their habits and habitats. Invite your friends and come along with us to explore the natural world and the life of birds.

Learn — Gain knowledge through outstanding programming, workshops, workdays, and events. We eagerly plan and organize Member Meetings, Audubon Teaches Nature, Birmingham Audubon Mountain Workshop, workdays in the Urban Bird Habitat Initiative Projects, and In-school Education Programs. Listen, learn, and then teach others what you’ve learned. Pass on your knowledge and enthusiasm to others through good old-fashioned interactions and conversations or through a variety of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter — #birdingham #explorelearnconserve).

Conserve — Be diligent. Speak out, make phone calls, and write letters when you receive Swift Alerts from Birmingham Audubon. Do all that you can do to conserve habitat for the birds we love, but also get involved in local projects, where you can make a difference in the smallest of actions. The Urban Bird Habitat Initiative is such a program. With projects in East Lake and Avondale Parks, both Birmingham City Parks, and at Limestone Park in Alabaster, you can attend workdays, pull some weeds, water plants, sow seeds, and learn about native plants and the wildlife that love them. Stay tuned for upcoming workdays and events.

Birmingham Audubon needs your knowledge, wisdom, and passion to continue the legacy and the tradition of service that has always been Birmingham Audubon Society.

Michelle Reynolds