Putnam Habitat Restoration

October 2018 Habitat Restoration Day at Putnam Middle School. Photo: Mike Fernandez/Audubon.

Young birds need healthy, natural spaces in which to thrive, and new research indicates that our own children do, too. Thanks to our partnerships with Jones Valley Teaching Farm and Desert Island Supply Co., we’re working to provide students at Birmingham W.E. Putnam Middle School with just that.

By removing invasive plants like Chinese privet and Bradford pear, Birmingham Audubon is opening up room for the school’s forest understory to regenerate, and providing access for the students and teachers to study the Brown-headed Nuthatches, White-eyed Vireos, and Red-tailed Hawks that call their schoolyard home. Learn more about our Putnam work by watching the video below, or check out the Audubon Magazine article “At This Alabama Middle School, the Birds Belong to Everyone.”

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Interested in becoming a Habitat Volunteer at Putnam?
Visit birminghamaudubon.org/volunteer to learn more and sign up.

Video courtesy Mike Fernandez/Audubon.org on Vimeo.

Coming soon in 2019–20: We’re excited to unveil our site plans for the new Audubon-Datnow Forest Preserve at Putnam! Special thanks to Claire Datnow who founded the trail and outdoor classroom during her tenure at Putnam in the 1990s. We are honored to continue her legacy and grow this preserve into something even greater for the students and birds to enjoy for years to come. Site plans (below) are courtesy of Lorberbaum McNair Odrezin Partners (LMO Partners).

Site plan for the Audubon-Datnow Preserve at Putnam Middle School.