Saturday, August 1, Greensboro trip report

It’s a good day whenever one finds all of your target birds on a birding trip to the Black Belt region of Alabama, and that’s exactly what 25 Birmingham Audubon members and guests experienced on Saturday August 1, 2015 on their trip to the catfish farms and cattle pastures south of Greensboro. The relatively cool and less humid air made this popular mid-summer trip that much more special.

Our target birds included Mississippi and swallow-tailed kites, wood storks, American white pelicans and scissor-tailed flycatchers, and several locations proved to be reliable for these birds. The intersection of Red Bamberg Road and Alabama Hwy 61 was productive as usual, and the fish ponds on Hale County Road 12 at the intersection with CR 66 and AL Hwy 25 was especially good for wood storks and one ruddy duck, which is rare in summer in this area.

A small flock of grasshopper sparrows was an unexpected bonus when we stopped on Hale CR 10 a couple hundred yards west of AL Hwy 25, as was the adult bald eagle seen on AL Hwy 25 a few miles south of Greensboro.

The group finished the day at Perry Lakes Park, where a barred owl calling from the depths of the bottomland forests greeted us upon our arrival. Two prothonotary warblers and a Louisiana waterthrush were the last additions to our list, which totaled 66 species for the day.