Sessions Sanctuary


The Sessions Sanctuary has been safe habitat for birds for over twenty years.

In 1996, Paul Trammell Sessions, Jr., deeded a 3.3-acre plot between his home and Shades Creek to Birmingham Audubon. The gift honored his late wife, Diane S. Sessions, and their joint love of and appreciation for bird and wildlife habitat.

Since receiving the property, Birmingham Audubon has maintained the Sessions Sanctuary for the continued benefit of plants, birds, and other wildlife. The Sessions Sanctuary Committee and Birmingham Audubon members meet twice a year to control invasive plants and promote bird habitat, and faculty from both Samford University and Birmingham-Southern College have used the property as a field classroom.

Among the bird species seen at or near the Birmingham Audubon Sessions Sanctuary are Wood Ducks, Belted Kingfishers, Red-shouldered Hawks, Carolina Chickadees, Brown-headed Nuthatches, American Robins, American Crows, and Northern Cardinals, among others.

Among wildflowers found on the property are: angelica, atamasco lily, perfoliate bellwort, blue star, Virginia bluebells, geranium, cross vine, toothwort, and Asiatic dayflower.

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