Chimney Swift Towers

Thousands of Chimney Swifts converge on the Magic City each spring to build their nests, raise their offspring, and keep our pest populations low. Unfortunately, suitable nest sites—including the open chimneys that the birds prefer—are becoming harder and harder to find…

Luckily, you can help!

Birmingham Audubon’s 2017 Chimney Swift Tower installation at Jones Valley Teaching Farm.

Birmingham Audubon—Alabama’s leading non-profit engaging people in the enjoyment and conservation of birds, their habitats, and the natural world—is working to construct a series of artificial Chimney Swift nesting towers right here in Birmingham, a key stopover city on the Mississippi Flyway migration route.

But we can’t do it with you.

Your donations are critical to maximizing the number of towers we can install and the number of nesting and migrating swifts we can help. Visit our giving page today, select “Chimney Swift Towers” from the first pull-down menu, and help us help these beautiful birds!

Interested in seeing these birds in action? Join us for our annual Swift Nights Out—your chance to see hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of roosting swifts downtown. The next one is coming up soon.